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Thoughts on Wealth

Traditional wealth is seen as material wealth.  Wealth to me comes in several forms including material wealth.  For example, I possess wealth that is defined by close interpersonal relationships — some of them working relationships — with friends, family, and colleagues, as well as … Continue reading

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Am I Related to Adolf Hitler?

I have truly enjoyed the website even though it can be a cesspool in regards to conduct within the forums.  Interesting things happen on RealJock. One of those interesting things was the break in communication with an RJ member who … Continue reading

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I am uncomfortable with the broad precepts those in political discussions assign to the word conservative when it is used as a noun.  In American politics conservatives, those with conservative principles are always assumed to be Republicans.  Furthermore, the various political factions within American … Continue reading

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Racial Genetics

Research is conducted using scientific methods, not political and/or social methods.  When I use the term “Racial Genetics” I might as easily use the term “Regional Genetics.”  If we are to conquer many of the diseases that plague man (woman), … Continue reading

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AIDS Research Summary

My first investment in AIDS research came in 1988.  At the time I setup a company in Grand Cayman called Cayman Biotek.  As some of you may recall, this was a period of panic in the developed world as we … Continue reading

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A New Age: Molecular Genetics

At age 53 — and in the year 2011 — I am amazed at both the promise and danger technology has presented to we humans.  I say this from a very personal perspective, having lost many close personal friends to the … Continue reading

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Are We Racists?

Are we racists, those who believe as I? A liberal labeling someone a “racist” is the bread and butter of liberal politics.  Americans in general; white Americans in particular, have allowed the term “racist” to become a stigma to be avoided … Continue reading

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