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The Euro is Dying. Have You Looked at the Dollar?

I laugh often when some Liberal slacker on boasts that the Euro is crashing and will not survive for long. Have they looked at the dollar recently?

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America’s Danger

Over the years I have worked with and/or been friends with people from many walks of life.  These individuals span a tremendous range in regards to knowledge and skill set. As an example, in my first few years after completing … Continue reading

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A clipping from today’s AJC. “The victim (a Georgia Tech student) was[sic] walking to his vehicle from his apartment when he was approached from behind by two black males,” the alert stated. “One of the black males wearing a big, … Continue reading

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The People of Atlas Shrugged in Today’s Society

I had the pleasure of spending the Saturday April 23, 2011 with a family member who is an octogenarian.  He could easily slip into the real world role of a Hank Reardon or Ellis Wyatt.  He is one of those … Continue reading

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The Burdens of Life

A reference point is in order. Out on the lawn an apple tree had dropped its’ first apple onto the ground as the fruit on the tree ripened.  A very industrious ant came along and spotted the apple.  The ant knew … Continue reading

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Ayn and Atlas

On Good Friday I had the opportunity to view Atlas Shrugged, the movie.  After viewing the movie I realized that those who call themselves “movie critics” really need to find some form of productive work in their lives. Yes, many … Continue reading

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I sat in Easter service yesterday and was dismayed to find my pastor had become an Apologist.  Sitting in the back of the car this A.M. I recalled this: In 1976 a small frail man came into the office seeking … Continue reading

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