A Socialist New Normal

If you are human you are not perfect.  I do however wonder about Liberals, who must somehow construct (some would say concoct) a moral footing upon which to base their personal conduct in this world, outside the religious doctrines espoused by mainline religions.  You see, even the Koran forbids stealing, lying, and other actions seen as wrong by most.

You take the former IMF Chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn.  Let’s hope he is not the shining example of the Socialist, although the Socialist disdain for religion does explain why folks including our own President, are so lax when it comes to their moral precepts.  It’s like their love for the fictional character Robin Hood.  The problem with Robin Hood is the “robin.'”  Folks seem to so easily justify robbing when they build their moral precepts upon storybook characters.

Liberalism is deep and wide.  Today, it has produced a new normal, a Socialist Normal.  Why do i call it a Socialist Normal?  Because those in power in the Executive Branch of U.S. government and those in power in the U.S. Senate see the world as a huge collective.  They worship Society and kill the individual.  There are no individual rights, just collective rights.

What are a few of the attributes of this new normal?  Well one of those is living the “Credit Card Life.”  Another attribute is an economy where no new homes will be built.  At the individual level the ability to survive in the “Credit CArd Life” has been destroyed, even though the Liberal Fed has raised it’s shock wand/cattle prod and threatened small banks who “are not lending in minority areas” as a guise to force banks to hand money over to folks who will NEVER repay a loan.  Willfully never repay a loan.  They are after all a minority don’t you know?  A right is the right to be evaluated for a loan on the same basis as everyone else, it is not the right to a guaranteed loan.

One last attribute of the new Socialist Normal and I’ll end this post.  This attribute is the ever increasing number of people who are under-employed.  These are the people Obama brags about when he states in glee how wonderful it is Food Stamp enrolments are at the greatest ever.  Socialists are proud of this. 

Go figure.

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