Black Talon



You will not find the current generation Black Talon in your finer Victim Disarmament Zones or VDZ’s.  In the VDZ Liberals rule.  Since Liberals so love that group of folks who rape, pillage, and murder, it would be unfair to present them with a speeding Talon that might end a career Liberals so want to preserve.  A career they think the penultimate achievement of the Liberal Society.  We would not want those folks who have earned something that the thug can steal to defend themselves.
A few years ago the Black Talon, the name the bullet was introduced under, came onto the market with much publicity bu its’ maker.  So much, that the Brandy Campaign and liberal media attacked it with fierce energy.  At the time, the Black Talon was a bullet coated with a Lubalox treatment.  It was withdrawn from the market as the Liberal hype was that the coazting allowed it to penetrate bullet-proof vests (something the 10mm could do upon its’ release.)
The picture above is of the bullet after it has hit a target and expanded.  The view is from the rear of the bullet.  This view allows the viewer to see the central core of the bullet with the talons and jacket expanded in “active” mode.  The six talons point forward.  As the bullet progresses it is of course spinning.  The talons tear or cut as they move forward dragging flesh with them.
The current bullet is marketed to law enforcement but it available to individuals on a limited basis.  It is the bullet carried by my security group.  It is, by the way, a bullet that cannot be carried by U.S. soldiers when facing militant attackers and he usual crowd whose aim is to kill them.
If you meet a thug, I hope you have acquired your own talons.  You may very well save individuals in that encounter who would otherwise meet your thug at some time in the future.
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3 Responses to Black Talon

  1. The black talon is an overhyped gimmick round with too much publicity for it’s own good.

    The Expansion is no better than any other Hollow point round (except that it makes pretty symmetrical shapes when it deforms instead of just squashing.) and makes the same kind of wound as any other bullet.

    Hollow point bullets are banned in war, not because they are “too deadly” but because they are inferior in armor penetration to full metal jacketed bullets. The nations that signed this treaty agreed because it would satisfy the liberals and still leave them free to use bullets that can penetrate armor.

    Cops on the other hand use hollow point bullets, not because they have more “stopping power”, but because they are less likely to ricochet or overpenetrate and harm an innocent bystander. It’s ironic that deforming bullets, while safer, are the ones used for fear monging/macho factor, when in fact they are in many cases less deadly.

  2. Thanks for commenting Nathaniel. I’ll try and post more weapons related articles. Please tell us what you think of Federal’s “Expanding Full Metal Jacket” bullets. I’m due for some work with them in 45 ACP after pulling the bullet and reloading.

  3. Alex Drum says:

    They dont use Hollow point in military situations because they dont want to kill. most people that our troops face do not have any body armor these days. If you kill someone you only took him out. On the other hand, if you wound someone other men have to leave the fight to cary him to safety. Not only that but after he is safe they have to spend manpower and supplies on treating him. If you wound a man you do far more damage than if you just kill the man.

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