Bernie Sanders, The Equal Opportunity Socialist

America’s sole official Socialist in the United States House of Representatives can be admired for his honesty in regards to the fact he is a Socialist.  He deserves respect for being honest.  I cannot say that for the Obama ilk from the Prez himself to those persons who most frequent the Oval Office such as the current SEIU president Mary Kay Henry, deserve anywhere near that level of respect, as they are so dishonest.

Bernie however has recently let it be known that he does not wish to delete the wealthy from the roles of Social Security and Medicare.  I find this to be a rather odd stance considering he is the chief wealth hater if there ever was one.  I think he and all Liberals should be banished to some new island we build out in the Atlantic so they can practice socialism and leave the rest of us “the hell alone.”

We also have Representative Ryan in an odd circumstance.  He wants to remove all wealthy folk from the social Security and Medicare roles.  For me, he is the last remaining hope — along with whatever Republican wins the White House next year — that I will have motivation to invest in America.

In the mean time I’ll just sit on the sideline and watch.  Should be interesting.

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