Youth, those were the days.

I had the pleasure of working with a young man of 19 yesterday at the Shooting Club Romand.  Due to a chronic illness, he has not received the usual training in regards to firearms.  His illness has not dulled his mental faculties at all, allowing him to display insight that assures he is a capable student.

We began with the FN Five-Seven that is very popular here.  The guns recoil is so light that one can focus on technique rather than managing recoil and rise, enabling the shooter to develop quick sets early in the process.  My student quickly moved from “milking the gun” — which usually results in right-handed folks shooting to the right and low – to a firmly gripped “titty tickle” allowing him to pull his shots into 10 cm circle.  He will be down to 2 cm with the FN (it is quite capable of that level of precision) on our next trip.  We fired at 9 meters.

Oh, those days of youth.

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