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God be with You Jerome Ersland

From the AP — ” A jury Thursday convicted a pharmacist of first-degree murder, aying he went too far when he pumped six bullets into a teenager who tried to rob his drug store, and suggested he spend the rest of … Continue reading

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Interesting.  The behavior you see on by Liberals was displayed by Ed Schultz on MSNBC.  See Yahoo for the full story. “Ed Schultz has been suspended from MSNBC for calling conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham a “right wing slut” … Continue reading

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Herman Cain: The Wonder of Dollars

Herman Cain needs name recognition.  I and a few others are going to give him that.  Something that can easily occur now days.  Thank you SCOTUS!!

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SCOTUS Upholds Arizona Immigration Law

From USA Today — “The Supreme Court on Thursday upheld an Arizona law that revokes the business licenses of companies hiring illegal immigrants, …” Now Georgia State Legislature, it is time to act in 2012.

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Jerome Ersland Trial

America’s civil rights activists, those like Al Sharpton, know when to duck.  🙂  It has been two years or so since a pharmacist defended himself and two employees from two robbers, striking down one of the robbers with a head shot … Continue reading

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Economic Improvement

A new definition of stability is settling over the globe.  In America, weekly unemployment filings appear to be settling to 400,000 to 425,000 per week.  The reported unemployment rate, based upon these filings and not representative of the real-world number of … Continue reading

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14 Hours in the G650

I’m looking forward to my first trip in the soon to be delivered Gulfstream G650 from Atlanta to Dubai.  The trip is around 6,600 nautical miles.  This distance is near the outer edge of the range of the G650.  An even greater challenge … Continue reading

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