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President Bachmann

What will Liberals who express extreme hate for Michele do if she is elected President of the United States?

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Race: It was true then, it is true now.

Governor Candler speaks after the burning of Tom Wilkes, aka Sam Holt and  Sam Hose: ” [ Describing the desire to protect blacks] ….I want to protect them in every legal right and against more violence, and I stand ready to employ … Continue reading

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Newt Gingrich

Today’s cartoon in the Atlanta Jouornal Constitution by Mike Luckovich.  

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Thug Report

There is a little known website out there that I often find amusing.  Although I have not visited the site since posting a thread yesterday in regards to the burglar who somehow ended up upside down on a razor wire … Continue reading

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The U.S. Debt Ceiling

These are the most interesting times politically that I have known in my life.  Here we sit as a nation with $14 trillion in debt and Democrats and one Socialist in Congress want to continue to borrow.  Republicans however control … Continue reading

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Hiring — Please Apply Within

We need to ramp up hiring in the ‘Thug Industry’.  We are rapidly running out of hard working thugs around here.  Our thugs continue to do stupid things and “off” themselves. Were they just simply ‘born stupid’ or is this … Continue reading

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Black Talon and Black Widow

There are legal, ethical, and commercial concerns when designing a new bullet or line of ammunition.  Just ask Winchester how loud mouthed (and in most cases simply blatant liars) the anti-gun folks can be when a cartridge such as the Black … Continue reading

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