Wall Street is Main Street

One cannot carry forth those arguments entertained by Liberals and admit that “Wall Street” is “Main Street.”  Look at the current inability of Democrats to accept massive spending cuts.  They know that those persons depending on all those monies to be cut do not dwell within the productive group of Americans who produce that wealth that drives this nation’s economy.  They are a class that depends on all of we tax payers;  taxpayers who are both the true “Main Street” and “Wall Street” at the same time.

Take S&P and the downgrade that is surely upon us.  But first let me say this…..

The Democrats propose increasing that share of taxes paid by the upper 10% of income earners to what?  Perhaps 80% if they have their way?  At the same time they increase their anti-business crusade and in effect make it more difficult for those uber-productive people to place food on the table of those who can’t do such for themselves. 

While the Democrats want more tax dollars from that 10%, they will not provide the ability to lower deficits.  I guarantee it.  At that point it will be nothing other than a wealth transfer a la their the dream of their little socialist hearts and have done nothing to improve the facts upon which S&P will lower the U.S. debt rating.  What then?

Well then my friend we will have stepped deeper into that spiral — that we are in now — where each rise in the cost of servicing the debt will trigger yet another brilliant (not actually) call from Democrats for even more taxes from that 10% group.  (My group.)

Thank God I have a home in Switzerland.  I can say to Democrats, “fuck you and the horse you rode in on.”  Let the greats of the Democratic Party pay for their own crap.




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