Business Analyst/Accountant vs. Software Engineer

Perhaps this is an odd post for me in that I typically do not delve into technical/business details in this blog.  Today is an exception.  So, in rather rough form, here goes……..

The Business Analyst has a task to complete that will ensure the Accountant has factual business performance he can roll into quarterly financials to please shareholders.  The software engineer presents the Business Analyst with a “Chicken and Egg” conundrum.  The engineer states, “I’m billing all of these hours because you have provided me with Visual Studio 2005, a development environment in which diagnosing and solving thread contention is timely.”  The engineer continues, “had you provided me with Visual Studio 2010, I would have a thread contention profiler and have completed this task at perhaps 1/5th the billed hours.”

The CEO must meet quarterly numbers.  In order to do so, he has farmed out much work to remote locations such as India and Singapore and stopped all new equipment and tool purchases, i.e. Visual Studio 2010.  This is a valid thing to do.  I don’t question that. 

What is a solution?  The stock of the above company is trading at $7.00.  If the markets were really reflective of a company’s ability, it would trade for its’ $0.50 book value and I’d purchase the sicker and clean up the “mess.”

’nuff said.


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