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All Men Are Created Equal: Bullshit.

Foreword: The type of crime described below is not unlike crime I have witnessed by blacks against my family.  While I certainly would not claim all African-Americans are the animals described below, I am fully aware that many living on the … Continue reading

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Question for Liberals

If Obama’s rationale for the ‘stimulus’ is that spending money creates economic activity, why do we need the government to take our money, send it to other people and then they spend it?  Why don’t we get to spend it … Continue reading

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Where is your ‘safe space’?

A better question perhaps is “where does public space end and your private space begin?”  Some would say, “why do you ask such a question?” I ask these questions because of the shock and awe seen in some white folks … Continue reading

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The Coming Revolution

There is a revolution coming.  It will not be a revolution fought through violence.  It will not be a revolution that uses force to overturn government.  Instead it will be a revolution where “We the People” vote our government leaders, and … Continue reading

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Oh My, 90 Square-Feet

Somehow this afternoon I ran across an article that describes — and shows on video — an architect in NYC living in 78 square feet.  As someone else commented, living in New York City is often an act of managing … Continue reading

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Good and Evil: The Gan Eden Foundation

  — “In the War of Good against Evil, Evil will often appear Good; and Good, in its’ blindness, will be Evil.”  

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Obama The Composite Character

Rule One of dealing with Obama is to understand that you are dealing with a composite character of all the bad characters that ever existed on the left.  Obama is the ultimate user of date rape drugs.  When he is … Continue reading

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I’m Headed to Law School

It’s final.  After all these years of coaching attorneys even though I myself am not an attorney I am entering law school at the ripe old age of 53.  I’ve basically arrived at that point that I’m tired of telling … Continue reading

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Yes, the Boss Steps in the Middle of Things

Back last year I acquired a fairly large transportation industry company.  One element of the overall company is a separate wholly owned technology group.  One of my great pleasures during the first few weeks after acquisition was touring facilities and discovering … Continue reading

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Hogs II: Hunger at Home

Below are parts of and article pasted in from  The scenarios described are the fuel that Barack Obama uses to drive his war machine of ‘Class Warfare.’  While he vacations at Martha’s Vineyard, churning through piles of taxpayer cash, … Continue reading

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