West Georgia Sheriff’s Election

Sometimes one must throw the “good-old-boy” attitude out the window and challenge the status quo.  Such is the case with a sheriff in a west Georgia county who resides in one of the most conservative congressional districts in the nation.  This sheriff, is going to have a proctologist looking up his fat rump identifying those “seriously threatening political firestarters” of his past.

Why?  Well, I have a surprise for all of you liberals.  I detest beyond anything else a sheriff who panders based upon wealth and racial profile.  In this case the sheriff had an opportunity to file felony charges against two teens (both in the 16-18 year old range) and choose not to do so due to the intervention of a liberal ambulance chasing attorney and a former assistant federal prosecutor named Barbara Neelan.  For those of you who want to run with it you can now locate the county of which I speak by locating Mrs. Neelan.

Now, as Mrs. Neelan stated last night — and this is a statement of which I do not totally disagree — the sheriff has better things to do than charge these teens.  That argument is not far off base.  On the other hand, our illustrious sheriff is not giving the same privilege to teens in black neighborhoods.  Furthermore, our liberal attorney was heel bent the teens were not going to be charged, so much so that his attitude was not unlike Maxine Waters in her famous “the ‘tea party’ can go straight to hell.”

It is time for you to see STRONG well-funded opposition sheriff.


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