The Republican Party: Let’s be honest with ourselves

This has been my week to lecture my own people.  I have no more regard for a hypocritical Republican than I do a hypocritical Democrat.  I have strongly implied to my local Republican Party that I will most certainly enter the fray in assuring one of their local candidates WILL see opposition next year if he continues to pander to “folks with money” in his county who need to prevent charges from being filed against their children.  Children who have committed felonies by the way, even tough I understand they were not violent nor of major financial consequence. 

Please tell me.  How many times have we seen teen offenders who are cycled through jailhouse doors more quickly than Atlanta’s Varsity tosses hot dogs only to see that teenager standing before a judge being arraigned on Murder One charges?  If mom and dad “can bail me out,” what do I have to worry about.  Mom and dad will, after all, hire for me the best legal counsel available.

And where is our church in this?  The church is the conservative bedrock of the Republican Party.  These folks MUST know right-from-wrong and know when to allow the courts to work as the courts were DESIGNED.  The plea comes after the arrest folks, not between a sheriff — a right wing nut ball supposedly — and a loony left attorney BEFORE charges are filed.

My complaining here comes against one of the MOST conservative counties in Georgia.  Have these so called conservatives become about as weak on crime as they have proven to be with placing their appendages in another man’s wife?  We as conservatives MUST stand on the truth if we are to survive.  If a Republican is standing in the pulpit on Sunday praying two days before an election he better damn well be keeping his sexual relations WITH HIS WIFE and not looking over crimes committed by the children of his “wealthy” donors.

End of my rant.  Your behavior lowers you to the point of those demons you despise.

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