Where is your ‘safe space’?

A better question perhaps is “where does public space end and your private space begin?”  Some would say, “why do you ask such a question?”

I ask these questions because of the shock and awe seen in some white folks eyes that their previously quiet community is suddenly seeing black flash mobs outside their AMC theater.   Take the ultra-conservative Forsyth County Georgia.  Several weeks ago a young man was beaten by a group of teens — black teens — who drove into the area from “somewhere south.”  Conservative white Forsyth County where less than 3,000 African-Americans live is suddenly seeing roaming gangs of black youth assaulting their children.  Do I sound alarmist?

All dyed-in-the-wool liberals are going to say “look at the 40% unemployment rate amongst black teens.”  You know their litany.  Liberals are not folks who believe anyone who is liberal or black or hispanic or a “qualified,” i.e. XXX-American should and must be responsible for THEIR acts, especially violent acts.

Som if unemployment caused this crime in Forsyth County, you paid for the vehicle and fuel to transport these wonderful youth 40 miles north of their neighborhood to commit crime?  Is there an looming Al Sharpton in the background?

For many reasons — some of those very obvious to my readers except for perhaps my RealJock liberal readers — there are reasons why I separate my private space, i.e. property I own or control through guards and gates, etc — from public and semi-public, i.e. my local grocer or theater.  As an old sea captain might say, “there be criminals on the loose.”

Look folks, the parents of these wonderful children are doing one of two things:  they are either approving of such crimes by their children because of some silent agenda lying in the liberal/Obama/racist/ignorant mind that says “we are kings now and we’ll get you”; or they simply don’t give a damn what their darlings do to someone else.  Why not?  The courts — and a local sheriff as I have found — will not convict, much less charge, a teen when that teen has committed a felony.  (And the two teens whom the sheriff to which I referred would have charged to white teens, not black teens.) 

There are no morals nor enforcement of morals in America today, August 30, 2011.  Anything goes.  There will however be hell to pay.

Look out for yourselves folks.  Work with your friends, your neighbors, your employees, your church, or whomever/whatever entity to protect you and yours.  Do not except the excuses and “oh we can’t report the race of criminals” media idiots who cannot accept the facts of black crime.  We are strong.  Let’s prove it.

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