Obama’s Class Warfare

To say that Barack Obama is not practicing class warfare in his effort to add taxes to collect more revenue from American’s earning more than $1 million a year is to say Fidel Castro did not practice class warfare when he tortured and killed thousands of prosperous Cubans. 

Even as Obama proposes this tax in a 10:30 AM press conference at the Whitehouse on September 20, 2011, we hear news that the new Socialist General Motors Corporation’s management team is laying down and accepting the first wave of wage and benefit increases at the becoming of the Socialist organization known as the United Auto Workers, placing GM on a path right back towards bankruptcy and another taxpayer-funded massive transfer of wealth into UAW pension funds. 

It seems that Obama and his fellow Socialist — and Warren Buffet — have not realized there is a capital strike in America that will turn the tide and sink them all.  Don’t think so?  Then just sit back and relax in the comfort that your Socialist Master has all under control.

And good luck.


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