Obama’s 2012 Compaign Theme

It has been suggested elsewhere that Barry Obama’s 2012 campaign theme will be “Racism.”  I for one agree.  The man’s entire life has revolved around “American Black Culture” even though he is technically more than 50% caucasian and was raised by a white mother and grandmother.  (His mom’s mitochondrial DNA tips him over that 50%.  There were however those days in Indonesia in a madrassa.))

I also believe America can not face African-Americans and others who have almost always played the race-card as a sensational cause of their “lack of” no matter what attribute they are lacking, e.g. common-sense among others, with open minds and knowledge that excuse of racism no longer has meaning.  You either get up off your black fanny and produce or suffer the consequences.

Yes, 2012 will be a year where 13.6% of the population no longer sets government policy for all.



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