Whores and Similar Types

I should probably remind you that since you have read the title to this thread you surely are an adult where being I will not have to define the term “whore” for you.  The ones who are paid have earned the title “whore,” all others merely being common “sluts.”

There have been times in the history of the world when due to the requirements of one’s station that amongst those that were entertained were occasionally a whore or two;  or perhaps one of those “others” of similar character — although possibly not exact act — which you yourself may well know and thus define.

Anyway, you know the type.  What you don’t purchase from them they will steal on the way out your door if it is not locked down.  (A perfect definition of liberals, progressives, or Democrats I might add.)

Sly is the man who catches the thief before it is added to the trove.

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