A few weeks ago I gifted to a local private school $75 million.  The student body is comprised of approximately 120 students in grades one-through-twelve.  The school boasts a graduation rate of 100%, with 94% of students entering a four-year college upon graduation.  Student history tracking reveals that 10 years after graduation 77% of graduates have obtained a master’s degree.

This school is very much a traditional school.  In this school, socialism is taught as a failed form of government control of the minutest aspect of life.  Socialism is not celebrated. 

Personal achievement is celebrated, with opportunities for students in their sophomore, junior, and senior years to work in the businesses of those who support the school.  Students are aligned with businesses or functional groups within a business based upon core ability tracks within the school.  As an example, if a sophomore student excels in accounting, that student will likely be tracked into the accounting department within a supporting business.  In other words, traditional ability tracking in further defined into skills groups within the ability group. 

Another aspect of the school is pairing students with a real world business mentor upon graduation.  The mentor may have attended the college of the students choice upon graduation.  If not, the mentor will have at least have received formal education in the students chosen area of study at the university level.  The mentor works with the student into the early years of the students career.  (The longest established mentorship relationship to date is 33 years.  The mentor has recently retired.)

Above average education and lifetime success can come from excellent private schools.  Please support your private school of choice.  The sameness and mediocrity of public schools will never enable this nation to survive.



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