Paul Krugman/Starve the beast: Can Liberals Stop It?

When America arrives at the juncture that Greeks have faced over the last several years who will bail out the U.S. Government?  Will America become a vassal state of the strongest Communist nation on earth?  (China)

Paul Krugman — being the magician that he is — somehow believes his bully pulpit can single handedly save America from its’ own citizens who are and have been mad-as-hell at supporting the socialist dream so loved by Krugman and his fellow Democrats.

It is interesting that the income level at which one is considered to be in the top 1% of earners, i.e. taxpayers has fallen to around $350,000.  What does this mean?  Looking at the numbers it means U.S. Treasury income through taxes has fallen more than $1 trillion since 2007. 

Think of it………those beating drums in Zucotti Park in NYC who so hate the 1% of earners and getting a slam-back already.  If the rich don’t eat neither will the OWS thugs, Communist, and assorted racist liberals.

I love it


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