Shangri La

Shangri-La. otherwise known as Switzerland, is a remarkable place.  To live in Switzerland is to understand that everything in the country is about Switzerland and not Afghanistan, Iraq, America, or even Germany.  (And German is one of three major languages here.) 

A few facts:

Swiss living below poverty level:  4.8%
Unemployment Rate:  3.0%
GDP:  $638 billion
Workforce:  4.547 million
Population:  7.9 million

To compare this New York City has a population greater than Switzerland but over 40% of New Yorkers live below the poverty level.  In New York, the percentage of the population who are actively involved in the workforce pales in comparison to Switzerland.

To top this off, some Americans consider the Swiss terrorists because they are so productive.  Their answer?  Send my lazy ass money you Swiss.






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