Barack Obama and OWS

Barack Obama has embraced the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) crowd and championed their cause.  OWS has in signage and action been the first group since the 1960’s that has openly promoted Socialism and Communism.  (Wonder of wonders that Barack Obama supports them.)  In fact, OWS has been praised and supported by the U.S Communist Party, the Nazi Party, and the American Socialist party. 

The OWS crowd appears to be a group that was inculcated by an educational system where teachers and professors actively support the extension of Socialist and Communist parties otherwise known as unions.  Will this affect America?

You bet it will.  If there is one thing Americans hate it is Communism, in all its’ forms.

If OWS is successful, where will America be in 50 years?  Take a look below.  The image is of the Korean Peninsula.  It doesn’t take a genius to determine which is South Korea and which is North Korea.

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