Socialist Obama Brings Victory

The sun is bright today and a light warm breeze blows in most of The South.  We are a people who today realize that our president is a Socialist Pig.  Why do I say this?  Because Southerners have abandoned the Democratic Party.

Yesterday there were four Georgia Senate districts that held a vote to fill vacant senate seats.  Below are the vote totals by party:

Democrat             3,545
Republican         37,841
Total                   41,386

In other words 9% of the electorate choose to vote for a Democrat.

Why?  If you are a conservative you know why.  If you are a liberal I will never be able to make your feeble brain comprehend why.  For example, in one of my Georgia offices, an employee who is African-American asked me one day why so many Americans consider Barack Obama to be a Socialist.  He did not understand my explanation.

There is also palpable ignorance among liberals who listened to Maxine Waters, Congresswoman from LA, question a Shell Oil executive.  Maxine — her dear sweet soul be honest — used the words “will socialize” and after realizing what she had said in regards to taking control of oil companies, simply stated “we will take control of your companies.”

Right.  Maxine and the misfit group hiding under the banner “Occupy Wall Street.”

We have a battle on our hands fellow conservatives.  Shank ’em well.

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