The Meeting Place for: Aristocrats, Whores, and Assorted Harlots — Plus a Few Other Souls

Someone IM’ed me one day while logged into the web site and during the conversation asked me why I continued to retain a profile there when it seemed few on RealJock liked me.  My reply was, “where else can one chat with a collection of aristocrats, whores, and a few other assorted souls all in one place?” is the most eclectic blend of gay men you will ever run across. 

For instance, there’s the liberal whore from Dallas, Texas called “Creature.”  Then there is what I call an Effexor Queen called “Christian73.”  He is obsessive-compulsive and truly obsessed with a Socialist belief that “what is yours is mine.”  Then there is “SouthBeach1500”.  Philosophically he is my kind of man:  CONSERVATIVE.  And like I part of the 1%.

Then there are the moderators.  Typical liberals.  If someone like myself, a conservative, posts a nude photo to a thread, the thread is yanked.  If a liberal posts such a thread, it remains.  I enjoy the site because it demonstrates what screwed up psyches many gay men possess.

There are many others who have come and gone.  Most gay men who live in the real world and do not suffer from some DSM-V malady soon disappear.  Makes me wonder about myself.  Lol.

But it is good to learn of one’s liberal opponents first hand.

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