Disappearing Georgia White Liberals

Hee, hee.  I just love the very core arrogance of White Liberals.  They posses many atributes, one of which is a love of rewriting history.  (Much of this gets pushed to Wikipedia unfortunately.)  Today’s episode with White Liberals or WLs began with a request.  I’ll explain.

I received a call from an attorney I use as a registered agent down on Georgia’s coastal plane that he had received a request to allow a group to enter my property and look for a supposed mysterious slave cemetery.  Along with the request they provided several very crude maps as to the potential location of this cemetery.  As one would expect of Liberals, none of the locations were coincident across the maps.  How lovely.

My personal issue with this is that they want to “identify” the remains.  I suppose they are looking for some evidence such that modern day Latavia Bonita can say “that’s my great grandmother Lavinia Latavia buried there.”  Ah, a plan that Barack Obama the sultan of theft would love:  restitution  and compensation.

Ok.  Not that I have not seen similar request before.  After all, I do own thousands of acres of land where dead bodies of various races were possibly buried.  The burial sites I recognize of course — both morally and legally — are marked with headstones and sometimes various brick, tabby, or stone walls.  That’s not the head scratching issue.

These folks want me to foot the bill for this.  Lol, lol, lol, roll-on-the floor, and lol.

Lib-tards.  WLs.  They are approaching the population of the Woolly Mammoth in Georgia.


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