The Obamanoids

There is one thing I know for certain.  The Obamanoids — the liberal worshippers of Barry Obama — are not going to tell you the effects of the Obama Administrations actions and policies, even if they know.  The Neo-Socialist Elite immediately around Obama certainly know the long term effects of what they have wrought.  The sadness you see in Timothy Geithner’s eyes will haunt him until he reaches his grave.

There is not a single day that goes by in any of my multiple offices scattered across the globe that I do not have the opportunity to laugh if only I know the verbage used in that particular call of solicitation.  These calls take the form of hawkers working as intermediaries trying to sell the debt of some government entity in a private placement.  Yes, this activity is most often illegal and in contradiction of the covenants of issue.  The solicitation usually occurs before the formal documents are in place, i.e. one of those being a prospectus.  The person on my end of the line will typically ask “what does it pay?”  Funny how my people can hold a straight face to a reply such as “0.08%.”  Yes, folks, that’s a decimal 0.0008.  For reference, 4% is 0.04 as your coupon multiplier.

So………how do you take this down?  Well, one could end up in a situation where some entity wants to build a new hospital by issuing $90,000,000 in notes with a face value of $1,000 and a coupon rate of say, 0.4%.  (0.004).  Somehow, these folks think they can borrow at the rates established by the fed and not a rate they would pay on a term loan of 12 years with a value of $90,000,000.  That rate would be 7%.  (0.07)  Nada.  Crudely I say, “it ain’t gonna happen.”  Not my my funds.  Go _uck yourself.

This is more like how will work, if it has an opportunity to work at all.  I’ll take an issuance of $90,000,000 with a 3% committment fee and no cost of issuance on my part plus collateral of those contracts you sign with your physicians.  In other words, if you default, I own the hospital and doctors, via those contracts.  I’ll do this for you at an 8% to 10% coupon based on pro forma’s for the hospital.

On the other hand, there actually may be a company in Switzerland that would take this deal from you or I and in the latter case pay me a fee for it.

Now do you get an idea of what Obama and company have done?


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