Weapons Design

It’s a hobby now folks!!!  I’m returning to Georgia this weekend and plan on spending time in the machine shop rearranging things so I can do some test machining of newly designed gun parts.   The attorney e-mailed me a little while ago and permits are in place.  For now, we’re a Type 7.  At this time, in my hobby state, I don’t desire to license for destructuve devices.  Sorry, but fully automatic weapons with armor piercing rounds are not my bag.  Maybe in the future.  Who knows.

Step one is a re-design of the venerable Colt Model 1911.

If you fancy the Colt 1911, below is a scanned set of March 11, 1960 Army blueprints for the M1911A1.  It’s a pdf file and of couorse scaling is questionable.  My working data is in a three-dimensional file.

1911 complete blueprints

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