Florida Primary

Jumping ahead of my statement that I would discuss “data” providing insight into what we believe will be the outcome of today’s Florida Primary, I would like to state that it is very apparent that Mitt Romney will lose the vote within the Greater Miami area.  I do not wish to comment on the I-4 corridor, which must be taken to win state-wide, but as the day progresses those numbers may firm up enough that I feel comfortable in commenting.

Romney will lose Miami for two reasons:  the Jewish vote; and the Cuban/Latino vote.  Apparently someone on the Romneybama spin team informed Great Leader II that he could not win amongst conservatives did he not criticize illegal immigration into the U.S.  Obviously, Latinos see this as a threat to them.  In regards to Jews, they just simply see in Romney an individual who will deny their needs as he did via Romneycare, where kosher meals were denied for those in healthcare facilities; and through virtually no understanding of the Jewish faith a la the typical Mormon.

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