Today We Began Obama’s Work for Him

I have amazed several of my friends in the last few days by stating to them “I will vote for Barack Obama before I will Mitt Romney.”  For those in my private life who know me well, they would say ‘conservativejock’ is hell bent on stopping one Mitt Romney from ever residing in this nation’s White House and conservativejock has never lost a political battle — this perhaps being the first.

I can say this, we will have a trump card to step around Mitt Romney and ensure one Barack Obama keeps his bedroom in the White House.  I call Barack Obama names, but he is not the disgusting creature known as Mitt Romney.

Today we received Mitt’s original Federal Election Commission filing.  We have begun the process of studying the 600 pages of his 2010 income tax filing and have taken the first steps to identify his named offshore accounts.  I will be in Europe on February 8th and on European soil our organization makes Bain Capital look like mom and pop’s corner store.  We will find what is necessary to stop this bastard in his tracks.

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