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Unemployed? So.

Surprised was I yesterday when someone complained online of being unemployed.  After all, our leaders have institutionalized a permanent long term unemployment regime that Americans will look back upon 20 years from now and wonder why such a system was not in … Continue reading

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I’z Wrong

Dammit if that sorry piece of refuse Romneybama didn’t win Michigan.  America is going to hell in a hand basket.  I mean seriously.  Does anyone think this oaf is capable of reviving an economy?  By the time he gets all his pet welfare … Continue reading

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Painting Time

You know, for someone whose formative years were spent in Research & Development in the textile industry you’d think I had no issues in deciding what color of paint to use.  I have however, managed to enlist the help of the … Continue reading

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Wealth Transfers in a Rent-Seeking Polity

Below is a link to a pdf file of which I have scanned and found interesting.  Its’ title is that of this post.  My assumption is that few who visit my blog will read this file.  As such, I leave … Continue reading

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8.6 Miles; 19 Minutes

As if I do not have anything else to do, I’m home shopping once again.  This all came to pass when a most wonderful foreign company came along and offered me a few dollars for a 5,032 acre piece of … Continue reading

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First Romneybama Michigan Numbers

I’ve gotten my first feedback from my troops on the ground in Michigan.  While Mitt Romnoid, as in your butt hurts, is not going to lose by a blowout, he most definately is going to lose his birther state.  One cannot … Continue reading

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Has He No Shame?

Mitt Romneybama is angry at Rick Santorum for firing up a robocall bank  that is calling voters across Michigan and urging Democrats to vote for him.    Romneybama is calling the phone calls “a dirty trick.”    You know, that truly … Continue reading

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A Safe Liberal America

It was reported in a Chicago tabloid that a gunman who had entered a southside apartment by breaking in the door was resting comfortably after developing urinary complications brought to pass by overtime pay within the Chicago Police Department.  It seems police response … Continue reading

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Yo dey is fearful Don’ make me come ova there bitch…

On Sunday morning residents o’ several metropolitan Atlanta cities received fliers from da Klan.  Peep dis shit.  Yo da normal bodies ob’ black politics an’ clergy came forward ta page Klan members names Ya’ dig?   Dayer be uh march … Continue reading

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I sometimes wonder if many in Arizona were absent when brains were passed out.

Tones of the Jerry Springer Show you think? Clothes Iron to the Face Kills Home Invader — Massive Fight Breaks Out at Funeral PHOENIX (AP) — A fight broke out during a funeral at a Phoenix church after a friend … Continue reading

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