8.6 Miles; 19 Minutes

As if I do not have anything else to do, I’m home shopping once again.  This all came to pass when a most wonderful foreign company came along and offered me a few dollars for a 5,032 acre piece of property about 2 months ago.  I also got caught up with by a somewhat ingenious guy on RealJock.com.

You see, I truly love picking at those RealJock Lie-berals who will just perish from this earth — in their feeble minds — if the wealthy dare purchase a multi-million dollar home.  (Get over it bitches.)  So I posted a aerial pic.  Some smart conservative RealJocker found the listing.  (And guess what, you’re going to have to do the same.  Hee, hee.)  A pic is shown below.

 This silly thing is listed with every damn real estate agent from coast to coast.  Amazing.  And you can find it also when you realize it has a baseball diamond and football field.  And yes, it is owned by an Atlanta Brave.

I have discovered however that my commute to my favorite restaurant would be 8.6 miles for an estimated 19 minutes.

Do well in life folks….  you’z gotsta piss off a few Liberals.

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