First Romneybama Michigan Numbers

I’ve gotten my first feedback from my troops on the ground in Michigan.  While Mitt Romnoid, as in your butt hurts, is not going to lose by a blowout, he most definately is going to lose his birther state. 

One cannot help but gloat after a run-in with those boys on RealJock who claim to be oh so damn conservative but just love the liberal ass grass upon which Mitt Romnoid walks.  Up your tush guys, for what you need to realize is that in NO state has Romnoid taken over 50% of the votes.  Can you say brokered convention?  Lol.  You won’t even get that dirt bags.  If the conservatives in the Republican primary race decide to back one of their fellow conservatives, Romnoid is simply toast.

Wouldn’t it just be amazing if we end up with a Santorum-Gingrich ticket.


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