Unemployed? So.

Surprised was I yesterday when someone complained online of being unemployed.  After all, our leaders have institutionalized a permanent long term unemployment regime that Americans will look back upon 20 years from now and wonder why such a system was not in place when America was founded.

I honestly think unemployment is the new form of sustenance  for many Americans.  Honestly, of the 300 million or so Americans only 130 million or so even file an income tax return.  Reality is working Americans are a minority.  Of course, having said that I do understand that 6 year olds are not expected work.  (Truth is 25 year olds aren’t expected to work.  They after all are still in their extended college careers living off borrowed funds.  Well, not truly borrowed as they are never repaid.  That’s another story.)

I have stopped working myself you know.  One day maybe I’ll try and arrive at a number of people whom I have working across this tiny little globe.  Most at one time were in America.  Then America abandoned me (American government actually) so in order to survive I spread my wings and flew elsewhere; to corners where work is still an expected thing.)

Maybe I should get in here and start the painting.

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