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Crime in Your Neighborhood

I have sold my oceanfront Florida home but retained a home in a secure community in Florida.  This had been a long time coming.  As most of you probably know, almost all of the beaches in Florida are publicy accessible.  … Continue reading

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You know you are old when the politics of the land influence you more than the view.

I receive so many flyers and real estate junk in my snail mail a via e-mail that at times I just simply file it in the round file drawer.  Lol.  No, I am not going to support the Italians in their … Continue reading

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Model Georgia Citizen in the Metro

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I despise Barney Frank. As such, here is the Chief Homos latest photo.

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Today’s Photo

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Today’s Cartoon: Well, the characters are old and ugly. :-)

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A Man’s Dream

It has been, I don’t know, perhaps 7 or 8 years ago that David Marc Loftus passed away.  David was an extradinary individual whose imagination and skill created beauty in modern homes that reflected a timeless classicism. Below is an example. … Continue reading

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