Symmetry, Space, Color and Texture.  Dwell on these words and prepare to think of Geometry, for these are the hallmarks of material culture in Southern Design.

I am considering re-entry into the craft of homebuilding.  To be honest I’m bored and I dearly love the art. 

On Sunday I decided to wander around and stumbled into a community to the southwest of Atlanta.  As seen in a previous post today, the average home size in Atlanta is 2,074 feet at a selling price of $149,900.  Now I do not for the life of me know how they came up with an “exact” $149,900, as I suspect this is truly nothing other than pure realty baloney (an average of $147,483 would be far more plausible,) but let’s use the figure.

The homes in this community ranged from 2,780 square feet to 5,600.  Base prices from $282,000 (a 3,476 foot plan) to $312,000.  All are four sides brick.  No fiber cement board here folks.  Colors, textures, uniformity, and symmetry were all perfect.  There was exactly one home for sale out of 62 homes.  Construction began in early 2011.

An example below.  A poor image, but non-the-less an example.

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