A Few on RealJock

A few guys on RealJock.com commented on my post of the home for sale in North Fulton that has both a baseball diamond and a football field.  After a careful look I just do not like the home.  The build quality, design, and lack of things such as an elevator and backup generator mean I will have to add these.  Ok, that’s no big deal, especially for the generator, however adding an elevator means a stairwell must be taken down.  Argh!!!

But…….the price is not bad for 22 acres in the area where the home is located.  There is going to be true hell raised in North Fulton, but I may just tear the sucker down and rebuild. 

There is also an outlier for anyone looking at residence in North Fulton.  That is the suit against the State of Georgia attempting to dissolve the North Fulton cities so black folk can continue to rape white folk for workfare jobs and cash in the form of dollars transferred to their neighborhoods.  (And oh yes, they want “their neighborhoods” so they can live all to themselves.)

On a lighter note to this, a few examples of a well built home, though I do not necessarily like the color and material choices.










Rear Walled Garden Area



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