Answers on Yahoo

Someone posted the following to Yahoo Answers:

Why do liberals feel like people should do their part and pay more taxes to support entitlement programs? I think I should be allowed to keep the money I earn. If liberals have such bleeding hearts why don’t they pay more taxes. It is not right that the top 1% in California pays 50% of the states taxes. It is not right to make me pay 36% of my income to a government that spends irresponsibly. Why don’t liberals want you to keep the money you earned?
Any liberals who respond to this, please actually answer the question. Don’t dodge it and call names.
Why can’t I keep the money I worked hard for? Am I not doing my part by already paying taxes, shouldn’t I get to chose how I want to spend my money?
And if we drug tested people on welfare I’d be extremely happy.


What followed was as you would expect.  Liberals will make all kinds of excuses as to why your hard earned money should be used for their desired purposes.  Most Liberals replied with attacks against Republicans or the usual ad hominem attack against the author of the post.

I personally have stopped any attempt to reason with Liberals.  I exclude them from my team.  I will not hire them in order that they may corrupt the work ethic of my employees.  Fortunately, in America, we can still hire those who “fit” within our team.

I am also resigned to the fact that America will become more liberal as the decades pass.  As such, myself and thousands of others have structured our businesses, incomes, and futures in order to minimize the wealth transferred held by such run-amok passion by Liberals.

The strong will survive.  The weak will perish forever.

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