Kimber Pro Carry II

Monday March 5, 2012

The Kimber Pro Carry II comes with either an aluminum frame or steel frame.  I picked up an aluminum frame version on Saturday and let me tell you, it is light.  I have not had a chance to fire the pistol.  I must field strip it and drop by the gun range one day for a try out. 

The Pro Carry does not have a barrel bushing.  This is my first 1911 pattern (Sort of, as its’ between a Commander and full-size 1911.) pistol with a bull barrel and a weird way of removing the slide.  There is a pin hole somewhere along the recoil rod you block with a little tool in order to remove spring load off the slide then push the recoil pin out.  This should be fun the first time folks.

(The image above is of a 9 mm bull barrel.)

Friday March 9, 2012

I have yet to fire the Pro Carry.  I’ll likely get around to that tomorrow as I almost always travel to one of the farms and am able to fire weapons unimpeded.  From postings to the blogs, I am worried that hollow-point ammo over a period of time will erode the ramp on the Pro Carry.  As such, I began looking for a company that could plasma spray stellite on the ramp after a careful milling of that thickness to be sprayed from the ramp.  No luck on that one yet, although I did speak to someone at a university engineering school who thought perhaps they could perform the spray.

One stupid thing I did this week was order the wrong magazines for the Pro Carry.  I ordered Kimber compact 7-shot mags.  The Pro Carry uses a standard 7-shot mag as its’ grip is not Commander length as I learned.

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