Republicans Who Behave as Liberals

It has been funny to me — and seriously not illuminating — that most of the so-called conservatives posting to the forums — have gone whole hog as we say in the South for Mitt Romney. You know him here as Romneybama. Why is this?

For one I think the “gay gene” is twerked to a degree of liberalism.  Secondly, there are a massive number of Republicans, including gay men, that have lived off the government dole for years in some form or fashion.  Take the elder statesman of RJ conservatism SoCalFitness.  I guarantee you he worked his entire life for a Federal Contractor.  These folks live off BIG government spending — of the Republican form.

The issue in America today is that there are more Americans who vote for a living than work for one.  This includes our RealJock “on-the-government-dole” liberal Republicans.  We conservatives must also do battle with the “Republican Plantation.”

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