Stellite Plasma Spray: The Black Talon

I have been investigating whether I can coat the ramp on an aluminum framed Kimber Pro Carry using a Stellite plasma torch for a week or so now. My initial feedback from a local university after they had looked at the gun and run Auger Spectroscopy on the ramp was that while they felt it is possible, their equipment was simply not of an order to guarantee damage free coating.

An additional though that came to mind was the potential of applying a Stellite coating to the jacket of ammunition.  Before I go down that road however, let me briefly describe the metal Stellite to those who are unfamiliar with the material.  (Old hot rodders know it well because for years it was used for valve seats and valves in Chevy big block truck engines.)

From Wikipedia, Stellite is described as a range of cobaltchromium alloys designed for wear resistance.   Originally developed by Deloro Stellite Company in the early 1900’s, the product is now owned by a follow-on entity, the Deloro Stellite Group.

My words above have not shown great wisdom.  Any handgunner or long rifle man will tell you that a material such as Stellite riding on carbon steel rifling is death to a gun.  So my first idea is out the door.  What Stellite has a potential for however are those teeth that form when a bullet such as the Black Talon strikes a target.  Another possible use is as a hard central core. 

More to come.


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