One of my ‘buddies’ suggested I join the Klan. Lol

Sometime yesterday while I was in the office some black dude stumbled upon my replies on to a post made by DoomsDayAlpaca in regards to a 17 year-old black kid who attacked a neighborhood watch worker and was subsequently shot and killed.  This ‘black brutha’ suggested I join the Klan or in his words “the brotherhood.”

When I arrived in the office this AM, the first thing I did was go to the website of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution to see who was killed last night.  As is typical, I found this news listing:

2 shot, 1 dead in SW ATL

Now oddly, I have not as yet clicked on that link.  You want to bet $10,000 those involved were black?  Post a reply here and I’ll take your bet that those involved were not black.

It is silly to me that anyone in 2012 would believe white Americans are running around reconstituting “The Klan.”  Blacks stuck back in some demented dream world where monsters are always after them are deluded in that thought.  And guess what?  With black folks killing black folk like in the story above, those dead Klansmen laying in the grave continue to win in their argument “that black folk are simply animal.”

Do not think for one minute I believe the above comment about all black people.  It is not true for all blacks, but unfortunately the vast majority of blacks support it through their constant support of the Democratic agenda of dependency, “let the government take care of you,” “it’s the white man’s fault” mantra.

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