Trayvon Martin — Self Defense Laws in Florida

In the huge uproar primarily pushed by African-Americans and their Liberal benefactors, i.e. Democrats who buy thier votes with tax dollars and ensure government gives preference to blacks in hiring, no-one has bothered to show any intelligent thought as to why George Zimmerman will not be prosecuted in Florida.  The answer is simple, if one understands Florida’s “stand-your-ground” statues in Title XLVI (Crimes); Chapter 776 — Justifiable Use of Force.

The option for the Martins and the leaches attracted to them, is to attempt to convince Federal authorities to intervene.  In an election year it is very doubtful the U.S. Justice Department will even blink.  Furthermore, it would be an FBI matter in all liklihood.

Alas, The Black Panthers are not yet going to get thier much wanted “race war.”

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