My Waste of Real Estate

Lol.  Perhaps few understand that one can “waste” real estate.  I acquired a new piece of property late last week and unfortunately housing on the property is old, dilapidated, and in need of demolition.  Being a fan of architecture — and homebuilding — I’ve selected a plan to build there.  The waste comes in that I may enter this home only once every few months for several days. 

Yes, fire up all you Liberal control freaks who find it sinful and an abomination that anyone could afford to do this.  All I can say to this is:  get off your lazy asses and learn to produce the wealth that makes that possible.

The plan was originally designed as a slab construction.  This will be changed to allow entry to the basement via stairwell and possibly an elevator.  Other items in the plan do require change to ensure solid security.  My team excels at that with experience across the globe on secure installations.  I’ll post photos when complete.


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