Stainless Target II

Woo-Hoo!!! The long awaited Target II in 10mm has arrived.

It would be ignorant for me to believe my visitors don’t expect a conservative guy to be anti-gun.  I am most decidedly not.  In fact, I pumped dollars into ensuring several southern state legislatures pass new “stand-your-ground” and “castle defense” laws.  Georgia’s castle defense law has put quit a few home invaders out of business permanently.  This includes a rapist who attacked a woman who was able to move from the scene of attack in her master bath to the bedroom where she unloaded a 22 revolver into the perp.  The bastard died.

But, the new gun.  It looks like this:






Anyone familiar with the Model 1911 Colt is familiar with this gun.  After test firing the pistol, I can say it has one of the sweetest triggers (as 1911’s are known for) of any Model 1911.  I have thus far kept ammunition to low power 10mm ball until I cycle at least 800 rounds through the action.  Although I did not measure grouping, it is obviously a tight shooting gun.

I also have a Tactical Entry (Kimber) in 45 ACP.  Using DoubleTap ammunition the recoil is snappy.  My guess would be the 10mm from DoubleTap will produce considerably more recoil, though I also anticipate it will be more than manageable.

Once I get the Target II through breakin, I’m going to locate a wild boar on one of my farms and try it at killing the beast for fresh meat. 

The Target II will be used as one of my carry guns.  Surprising to some, but I typically travel with security.  This habit comes from the ability to afford it as well as my position in life.  I do however venture out in some areas without security and as such am ALWAYS heavily armed.  You can however forget about visits to Massachusetts, Illinois, and New York from this white boy.  The time has long since passed when a businessman needs to visit these hell holes of anti-gun stupid ass Liberals.


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