The Murder of a Blue State Director of Corrections

It has been many years since the news came.  A good man of incredible capability had been murdered while coming onto a portico from inside the State Corrections Offices.  He as Director of Corrections, managed correctional systems in a ‘Blue State,’ whose largest city to this day is called a Whitopia by the Liberal social practitioners who seem to be anti-white.  (look no further than the Sudan, if you want to see what a Blacktopia is like or perhaps Detroit.)  The prison population was and is low in number.  I learned remarkable things in the months after the murder.

My first-hand experience after the murder of a good friend allowed me access to the inner workings of a correctional systems.  My interchange and interplay with the various actors in the system earned me considerable knowledge of both the psychology and driving events of actions taken by hard-core criminals as they interacted with other inmates and correctional staff.  There were many low points.  Some of these included correctional officers using sex as a tool both for personal pleasure  and as a weapon within the correctional facilities.

I met hardened murderers, drug dealers, rapists, child molesters, and plan old psychos.  It is incredibly sad what the mind can drive the physical body to do.  And, in a visiting room, the vast majority of these individuals appear perfectly normal.

This exposure prevents me from giving individuals the “benefit of the doubt.”  This is true for both Trayvon Martin  and George Zimmerman, who are the subject of several posts to this blog in the last few days.  I would include Mrs. Fulton and Mr. Martin, Trayvon’s parents.  I add to that the school system in Miami.  It is very clear that the Miami-Dade School System, like many, uses the term “private information” to mask the release of data in regards to the behavior of students within the system.  We do know however that a transfer to a school for behaviorially troubled students was underway when Trayvon Martin was shot.

In the days after the murder, I also engaged many “advocates” and politicians.  Think Joseph Lowery, Andrew Young, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and…the myriad host of white activists who can in their own way be just as abusive in their use of a tragedy as we’re seeing in now in regards to Trayvon Martin.  Amazing isn’t it that a black militia would suggest kidnapping someone to physically convey them to “federal authorities” who have given no indication at all they would receive said person. 

Relax, perhaps President ObamalamaDingDong will send marines to assassinate George Zimmerman and overwhelmingly please his black constituents.  I’m not sure this President has too many white constituents left.

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