Homes Defense

This post will be shorter than I wish, but I have commitments later today that must be fulfilled.  I’ll just run through a high level overview.

RULE 1:  Know your home.  You should be able to move through your home in the dark or low light.  If you are building a new home, many of today’s architects can design a home with built in “tactical” features. 

RULE 2:  You MUST equip your home with alarming.  I do not recommend the traditional wide area motion detectors that trigger a horn.  If a felon/thug has entered the home, an audible alarm may scare the intruder off, but that is no gurantee.  You first want a silent trip to alert you, then follow this with an audible alarm.  The louder the better.

RULE 3:  Choose a weapon that has good capacity (not a single shot folks) that YOU CAN USE.  If granny is afraid to fire a shotgun, you’ve lost the war.

RULE 4:  Train, train, train, and train some more.

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