Tactical Training: The more athletic your attacker, the harder he will be to stop.

If you are attacked in your home or on the street, there are three major determinates as to your success in being able to defend yourself.  These are:

  • 1)  Is your assailant armed;
  • 2) is your assailant athletic in stature; and
  • 3) is your assailant hyped on methamphetamines, cocaine, or similar.  (Assume there can also be “roid rage,” both genetic and induced.)

Other factors of course can come into play.  Take for example the felons attacking Georgia Tech Students in Atlanta, Georgia.  These thugs tend to come in small groups and are armed with a penchant for discharging those weapons.  The cowards always attempt to gang up on their victims.  These thugs, who to date have been all black, have also been  politically correct in their choice of victims, i.e., their victims are not African-American.

The rules of this game are you must assume the attacker has racial motivation and will act according to that pattern.  Learn the pattern and base your defense upon it.  (I will not illuminate that pattern here, seek a competent tactical trainer to employ on a regular basis.)  You must also assume the attacker is armed, typically with the average stolen weapon, e.g. a medium caliber hand gun, perhaps blacker than your attacker.

Study your states castle defense and stand your ground laws.  Practice them with your tactical trainer so you KNOW THE BREAKPOINTS and WHEN USING FORCE IS BOTH NEEDED AND LEGAL.  If the thug comes at you armed — knife or gun — act to stop and when stopped, THEN CEASE ACTION unless another thug comes into the field of play.

REMEMBER an attack may be solely physical, using no weapons per se.  You can be killed solely by physical action.  (Recall Atlanta’s brilliant black thugs who attempted to kill a gay man by kicking him.)  Remember their defenders.

My preference in weapon is an easily concealed 10mm or 45 ACP.  Your choice MUST be based solely upon your ability to use the weapon with skill.

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