Questions and Answers from the Internet: Perspectives

Why do blacks want to live and work around white people?

I’ve heard blacks complain about discrimination in housing, work and school. And some blacks are really angry at whites. My question is why don’t blacks concentrate on making their own neighborhoods, and schools better. Maybe even open up more of their own businesses and hire other blacks.
1)  Its easier to blame us for all their problems, so they dont have to work to make their own lives better. It be “da white mans” fault, we do everything to hold them down, in fact, we make them sell drugs and rob gas stations too.
2)  wtf you mean ? even in the ghettos latinos and white folks live along side blacks. everywhere you live you are bound to see someone of a different race so i dont get why do we call areas ”predominantly black or white,etc,etc” when there is no such thing because there is always a person of color somewhere living in the neighborhood .

Why do blacks want to be around whites so bad?

Most whites just don’t want to live around you. Our cultures, appearance, musical tastes, dance styles and even dialects are different. Thats what the suburbs & restrictive covenants, white flight, segregation, apartheid, Jim Crow laws and the KKK were all about.Why do you always have to move into white areas? Why the fixation on white features? Why the obsession with dating and marrying outside your race?

If you are truly equal and not inferior, why not stay in your own black communities and improve them? Why move into white communities, like parasites?

1)  We don`t.. This is the 1 section where people might actually be able to have a break from you pale cretins but you insist on coming here like a bunch of leeches ruining things for everyone.
2)  I’m a White woman and I don’t want to be around blacks. Once they move into your neighborhood, property values go down, crime goes up and much of the time, you’re lucky to get anything at all of value for your house.
I personally wish they would stay in their own areas and stay out of ours.
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