The KKK and the New Black Panthers

As a child, I recall my father discussing with my mother in a rather hushed voice the attempt by the KKK to recruit individuals in the mills.  The mills were fertile ground for recruitment.  Every mill owner knew not to hire and work blacks in the mills.  The mill would be burned to the ground.  Blacks often did work on what was called “the yard crew,” but not in the mill.

I recall receiving my driver’s license and the first time I passed through an intersection where KKK members were passing out flyers.  This activity did not occur in the affluent areas of town, but in areas where poverty engulfed whites. 

President Obama can tell you of the Black Panthers I am certain through his association with William “Bill” Ayers.  I always thought it odd that northern whites were so violent in behalf of blacks.  This is I suppose, because these same whites are most often Leftists, Socialists, radicals who are hell bent on revolution and re-casting America in their fake vision.  How sad to live a life where your only motivation is hate pushing you towards revolution.

Our President.  Ah yes.  Were he older and not raised in Hawaii, I’m sure he would have been a Black Panther.  He is perhaps the slickest model of a Black Panther on the stage today.  His violence however, has been the power he expresses through government up to and including the current Justice Department involvement in the Travon Martin incident.  I personally think he will slow this action in order to get through the gate of another four-year term where all hell will then break loose.

I am honestly amazed that The Southern Poverty Law Center has listed the New Black Panthers as virulent haters of whites and Jews.  Amazing.  The question becomes however where they apply their resources in tracking activity of the panthers, if any at all.  This will likely be left to local law enforcement as we saw in yesterdays arrest of New Black Panther “national chief of staff” Hashim Nzinga, who honestly is the whitest black man I have seen in a very long time.


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