Trayvon Martin = Bad Seed

Someone over the last few days described Trayvon Martin to me as a “Bad Seed.”  Now of all things, we have the rather liberal ABC News posting this to an ABC new page:

Last year Martin was suspended for spraying graffiti on school grounds. The Miami Herald reported that the school guard who stopped him searched his backpack and found 12 items of women’s jewelry and a flathead screw driver that the guard believed to be a “burglary implement.” But Martin was never charged or specifically disciplined for the incident.”

This can’t be.  My view of the above is — even though I do believe this needs to be validated — oh yes it can be. 

Unfortunately my experience in life has been — and this is incredibly sad for a people who could be so noble — that the ‘clic’ in which Tracy Martin, Sybrina Fulton, and Benjamin Crump reside lives in a fantasy world.  We are effectively told in so many forms of communication that a dead rotting pine tree is in fact a healthy prospering oak tree.  We are told that “marijuana dust” is nothing. 

Really?  Why would someone put tiny little pieces of marijuana in a baggie?  Could it be there was more in that bag at some point in time?  How was it obtained?  Was it purchased or loaned so that it could be sold by Trayvon Martin and the cash returned to the dealer?  Was Travon Martin himself the dealer?

If we find that Trayvon Martin was not the saint his parents wish to portray him as, will be arrive at that point in time where we see clearly — through the facts — that Trayvon Martin attacked George Zimmerman?

For those in the Martin, Fulton, Crump group, absolutely no.  They and the misfits who champion them, i.e. Al Sharpton and Jess Jackson along with many others, will always see America in a perverted way when reality is they are the perversion.  The perversion of justice and truth and all things good in this world.

Was this a tragedy?  YES.  Will it happen again?  Absolutely.  It will happen because mothers like Sybrina Fulton and fathers like Tracy Martin look the other way when sons venture towards drugs, violence and whatever other reality that young man lived.  Their desire to live in a fantasy world is killing their children.

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