and Trayvon Martin

There have been a few folks visiting this blog that have submitted some rather strong comments that I have not approved.  The strongest words one hears in regards to Trayvon MArtin are on  Below is a reply to one members comment by CuriousJockAZ in quotes.  The reply follows, which is by Caslon18453:

CuriousJockAZ said…until all the facts are in, everyone should take a deep breath and let it play out.

Caslon18453:  All the facts are in. There is nothing unknown that could have happened between Martin and Zimmerman that can change Zimmerman’s guilt. This murder resulted from Zimmerman’s overheated mind. While armed, Zimmerman stalked Martin. Martin had every reason to feel threatened. Whatever Martin did, it was because of the situation created by Zimmerman. Zimmerman should have left Martin alone for the police to handle. This is simply vigilante murder.  


For those of you do do not know liberal gay men, this is just a touch of how extreme they can be.  Keep in mind that they, unlike the Sanford Police, have seen zero evidence.

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2 Responses to and Trayvon Martin

  1. Jock Soxman says:

    Hi. For about six years I’ve been a member of Real Jock. Sometimes I think the site should be renamed Rainbow Jihadists due to all the angry, hateful leftists.

    I did my time in the DC area, including six years as an employee of the federal government. The pervasive madness turned me into a “minimize government” fan and I made a one-way move to the private sector. I’m jockfever on RJ.

  2. JockFever:

    It has been months since I have logged into Conservativejock. I did not realize you had posted, but do recall seeing your messages in RealJock threads. Yes, the left is truly insane. I look forward to the day they collapse due to their mental sickness.

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